Ayurveda is a 5,000 year-old healing science and holistic medicine wisdom that teaches us to live in sync with the rhythms of nature. The Sanskrit translation of “Ayurveda” means “the science of life.” These Ancient teachings help us understand the inner workings of our physical, emotional and energetic bodies, so we may live a long, healthy and fulfilling life. Through a practice steeped in expanding self-awareness, we are able to develop a deeper relationship with the natural rhythms of our internal landscape and a symbiotic relationship with the world around us.

Today, the Ancient wisdom of Ayurveda is used to treat and prevent an array of diseases. Through counseling sessions and an ecosystem of healing modalities we work together to address the root cause of the disease.


how does it work?

Each person is a unique mixture of constitutional elements - Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Ether. These 5 Great Elements are the energetic building blocks of all matter in the Universe.

They also comprise what is referred to as the three Doshas: Vata, Pitta and Kapha. Every person is born with a natural constitution known as his or her Prakriti. It is made of predominantly one, two or three Doshas.

Throughout the ebb and flow of life, we experience both physical and emotional events that affect the natural balance of the doshas. Seasons change, as does our age, life stage and overall health. Often life’s fluctuations leave us feeling stressed, disconnected, and depleted with low “Ojas,” our immune boosting life force. Ayurveda empowers the individual to identify the doshas that are out of balance, and helps to define a road map back to one’s natural state of being. Through this self-healing medicine, we are able to examine our lifestyles and daily routines integrating an array of practices that bring emotional, physical and mental resilience and peace back into our lives.


Ayurveda is for those who…

Want to heal dis-ease in the body and mind.

Wish to unearth hidden patterns in one’s nature.

Would like to cultivate a deeper understanding + awareness of one’s body, mind, + purpose.

Want to create an ecosystem of holistic healthy living through diet + lifestyle.

Cultivate intuitive eating and an understanding of one’s relationship with food.

Are curious to identify unharmonious habits + break down self-limiting beliefs.

Wish to harmonize actions with the world at large.

Ready to create a supported lifestyle change.

Ayurveda is truly an embodied wisdom of healing with an extensive ecosystem of practices + therapies that work together to support the whole well-being of an individual.