Colene Horton

I was fortunate enough to meet Gaby on my 3-week Yoga Teacher Training immersion program in Costa Rica. She was our Assistant Teacher and Ayurveda Counselor. Before my program, I didn't know too much about Ayurveda but was excited to learn more. I scheduled a meeting with her to get my personal Ayurvedic assessment and I'm so grateful that I did. Gaby has a very kind and comforting soul, she's patient, listens without judgement, and is very knowledgeable about Yoga and Ayurveda. She helped bring a deeper awareness of my every day life to identify any imbalances of the mind, body, and soul and then prepared personalized recommendations to aid in bringing balance to my life.

Things have truly opened up for me since then and I can never thank her enough!

Colene Horton, Yoga Instructor

Kirthi Nath

Gaby is truly present, intuitively grounded and knowledgeable of Ayurveda in ways that go beyond book learning - you can tell this is part of her practice. She is also so kind, loving and attentive. I couldn’t have asked for a better guide! Every class Gaby made a mandala alter for the class and started us with a centering meditation. This ritual and other extra touches (like bringing fresh flowers to each session) made the class experience sacred and rich. Her style of teaching is very clear, attentive and interactive. I appreciate how she integrates textured teaching and learning styles: talking lecture, in-class experiential exercises, questions and answer space, and take home practices. This was a wonderful blend. I felt very held in the class experience.”

- Kirthi Nath, Founder and Lead Filmmaker at
Cinemagical Media, California