Lauren Ettinger

This retreat was a perfect marriage of yoga, Ayurveda, and natural dye techniques. It stoked my creativity, fueled my soul, and nourished my body. You could feel the passion and love that was poured into every minute of it by Gaby, Kristin, and Tiffany. Anyone looking to create a little bit more space from themselves in their life should attend the Alchemy of Earth Retreat. Its the perfect way to reconnect what is important for body, mind, and soul.

- Lauren, Washington D.C.

Helene Lara

It was a weekend of bliss, creative discovery and soulful food shared among a group of positive, like-minded people. There are many moments I will remember…the reveal of my first Indigo dye fabric, the hearty breakfast after an energizing morning Vinyasa, the hike to the Yuba River and meditating there, warm conversations after evening meals and nourishing sleep at the day’s end, surrounded by the peaceful sound of nature. The perfect escape from the busyness of life.

- Helene, Oakland CA

Dallas Paul

I loved the intentionally designed meals and 2 a day yoga sessions. Kristen's style of teaching during the natural dye session was clutch. She really allows you to explore your creative freedom in a loving supportive way. Gaby's knowledge of ayurveda was/is bananas I felt like we could almost have done a full session of just questions and answers. The workshops aside the whole retreat had an air of discovery and healing about it. Rarely have I felt such supportive energy, the attention that they gave to you in each workshop, their appreciation of your be'ing even when you did it badly was extraordinary. In that sort of environment transformation can't help but manifest itself. The question anyone interested in an Alchemy of Earth Retreat is: are you ready to transform?

-Dallas, Amsterdam Netherlands